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The Opportunity

NowGenn is currently operating in the social media and productivity management sectors. Here is a glimpse of the opportunity in the market:

The global social media market as of 2022 is estimated to be at $220 billion.
The global productivity management software market size is expected to reach $149.74 billion by 2030 with CAGR of 13.8% over that periodThe larger information technology sector in 2022 is a more than $5 trillion market with compound annual growth rates of between 5 - 8%

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NowGenn history and progress from start in 2019 to 2022

Corporate Governance

Even as a start-up company, NowGenn seeks to maintain high starndards of corporate governance.

In addition to the board of directors leading the team, we are putting in place additional measures to ensure proper oversight and management of the company. These include:
● A team of external service providers for legal and financial compliance.
● A diverse Advisory Board representative of various sectors.

As NowGenn continues to grow, we will continue to put in place practices to help us maintain the highest standard of oversight into our work.

Doing well while doing good

NowGenn is a missions based organization.  Our aim is to use tech for good-extracting fully its positive benefits while reducing its more harmful effects.

Focus on privacy & security

Security and privacy is at the foundation of our work. Our team has extensive expertise in cybersecurity. Thus we will bring gold-standard practices to protect our users.

Competitors Information

See how NowGenn's product, Briind, compares with others in the market.

The Opportunity

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See how NowGenn's product, Briind, compares with others in the market.
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