We believe in easy-to-use Technology

Technology should make life simpler and easier, not more complicated and hard. NowGenn was formed to create technical solutions that work the way we live.

Board of Directors

Michael Igbo
Michael has over two decades of experience in business startups, leadership, management, and finance disciplines within various private and public sectors, financial services, and governmental arenas.

Before co-founding NowGenn, Inc., he held leadership positions in the Big Fours, FWG Solutions and USAA. Michael has led several startups that became public companies.
Bijo Karakkatt, MBA
Mr. Karakkatt is a visionary leader with pivotal roles in fourteen start-ups who has leveraged his MBA to advise over one hundred clients in business development. A thought leader that motivates stakeholders and crafts systems for success, he has the skills and knowledge to identify marketable and viable solutions and develop them to market.
Lewis Pate, ME
Mr. Pate is an accomplished Chief of Information Security Operations and IT Executive Director with over 12 years of experience leading information security, risk, and governance for commercial and military information technology architectures, standards, systems, hardware, and software. He has experience in all aspects of IT project leadership for IT security and service management.

Meet the Team

Akinsola Muse CMO of NowGenn, Inc
Akinsola Muse
Director, Marketing and Branding
Noah Hunter CTO of NowGenn, Inc
Noah Hunter
Udochi Nwogu Consultant at NowGenn Inc
Udochi Nwogu

Our Story

NowGenn grew out of casual discussions between its directors and founding team. All four are technologists and active leaders in different social organizations. As such, they are intimately familiar with technology's potential and the struggles of the various organizations in which they are involved. They recognized that there must be a better way- a tool that could be developed to ease the problems facing the organizations.

The directors began digging into these challenges and exploring solutions. After determinning that a solution could be created, NowGenn was formed in the Fall of 2018. Since then, the NowGenn team has engaged with diverse community members and social organization leaders through interviews, surveys and focus groups.

These discussions have broadened their understanding of the challenges faced by both community members and organizations. The NowGenn team has also identified the characteristics of the ideal social framework. NowGenn's flagship product, Briind - Estonian for a refreshing breeze - is the result.

In spite of the pandemic, the team has succeeded in developing the first releasable version of our flagship product, Briind. Briind is presently entering final user testing and will be introduced to the market before the end of 2022.

Q3 2018

NowGenn Formed

Q2 2019

User Surveys

Q4 2021

Beta Testing

Q3 2022

Briind Launch

Our Mission & Vision


NowGenn Inc (NGI) develops innovative technology solutions that empower people, businesses, and organizations to strengthen their connections with others, simplify their lives, and better inform them.


In the world where NGI‘s mission is successfully executed, people will be more fully engaged in their passions, associate fruitfully with like-minded people, and organizations can more effectively nurture vibrant communities.

    NowGenn’s Core Value

    We are a company grounded in Christ, striving to create eternal value by honoring God in all we do. This is reflected in how we conduct our business and how we care for our employees.

    We are selfless, dedicated to improving the common good:

    NowGenn was created to nurture healthy communities, increase people’s joy and their quality of life. This means providing the means, and a safe environment, for positive activities. This requires diligent stewardship and stakeholder commitment - healthy communities are not established by decree.

    We are ethical, acting with unwavering honesty:

    NowGenn’s mission success depends upon long term working relationships with our constituents - such a relationship depends upon mutual trust. Trust requires NowGenn to be unwaveringly honest and to strictly enforce ethics.

    We are resilient, recovering quickly from challenges:

    “No plan survives its first encounter with reality.” The company stays on task, adapting to unexpected situations. It embraces unanticipated opportunities and uses new insights to refine the corporate vision, mission and mission effectiveness.

    Welcome to NowGenn

    Be empowered by technology, not bound by it.