Building Connections: Meet Briind Co-founders, Earl Eiland and Michael Igbo

In a world dominated by technology, social media has become an integral part of our lives. However, as the virtual landscape expands, we often find ourselves longing for genuine connections and a sense of belonging within our communities. Earl Eiland and Michael Igbo, CEO and CFO of NowGenn, are two inspiring seniors from San Antonio who are on a mission to transform social networking. With a deep love for community and a commitment to empowering organizations, they have developed the Briind app, a groundbreaking platform that helps churches, local businesses, and nonprofits do more of what they love.

Michael Igbo and Earl Eiland with a student at a UTSA Briind  event.
Michael and Earl at an outreach event for students.

Briind understands the unique needs of organizations such as churches, local businesses, and nonprofits. To support their goals, the platform offers robust donation management features, allowing organizations to easily accept and track donations, and fostering a culture of generosity within their communities. Additionally, Briind's membership management tools streamline administrative tasks, enabling organizations to efficiently manage memberships, communicate with members, and cultivate a sense of belonging.

To help organizations thrive, Briind provides insightful analytics. These analytics offer valuable data and metrics that organizations can leverage to gain insights into user engagement, content performance, and member behavior. By understanding these patterns, organizations can make data-driven decisions, optimize their strategies, and better serve their communities.

Briind goes beyond traditional social media platforms by offering tailored features that enhance community engagement. Organizations can create and promote events, facilitate group discussions, and foster collaboration among their members. By providing a space for meaningful interactions, Briind enables organizations to build stronger connections, foster collaboration, and empower their communities to do more of what they love.

Woman holding a Briind bag at a Briind outreach event.
Engaging with users at a Briind outreach event.

Briind recognizes the vital role of local businesses and nonprofits in creating vibrant communities. The platform offers dedicated features to promote and support these entities. Businesses can showcase their products or services, connect with their target audience, and build customer relationships. Nonprofits can leverage Briind to raise awareness about their causes, engage with supporters, and rally their community around their mission.

Earl Eiland and Michael Igbo, the visionary seniors behind Briind, have created a social networking platform that empowers organizations to thrive within their communities. With features such as donation and membership management, insightful analytics, and tailored community engagement tools, Briind enables churches, local businesses, and nonprofits to do more of what they love. By connecting organizations with their communities and fostering meaningful engagement, Briind helps build stronger, more vibrant communities. Join Earl, Michael, and the Briind community today to connect, engage, and empower your organization to reach new heights. Together, let's build a stronger and more connected world with Briind.

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