Discover Briind - The New Platform for Community

Udochi Nwogu

NowGenn, Inc

Discover Briind - The New Platform for Community

Accepting new members and providing a tailored solution for those looking for a home for their community

San Antonio, TX: With the current upheaval taking place in the social media market, NowGenn is introducing to the market its recently created product, Briind. Briind is an app and platform that helps individuals and organizations connect with their community more meaningfully. Our platform helps to simplify business processes and provides our users with insight to create sustainable impact in their communities.

Just newly launched, Briind was specifically created to foster vibrant communities and healthy online engagement. Our platform by design allows for deeper engagement and more meaningful connections among communities of users.

On our platform, users can find and create a dedicated yet public space for their community. Company CEO, Dr. Earl Eiland, said, “given the recent developments in the social media space, we are poised to serve as an alternative to individuals and organizations looking to find a new and healthier home for their communities.  We are also positioned to handle growth in our user community. We welcome those looking for a new base for their followers.”

Our platform provides the services that other social media platforms have but with much more. The platform will incorporate productivity tools so that organizations will be able to fulfill their operating and administrative needs on Briind.

Our current key features include:

  • A dedicated space and profile for communities and organizations
  • Events management and promotion
  • Enhanced analytics platform
  • Donation collection and management
  • Volunteer management

Our upcoming features include:

  • Advanced chat management
  • Video streaming and management

Currently available on the web, our android and iOS apps will be launched in 3 weeks.

Users can visit to create an account.

About us:

NowGenn Inc is a mission-based organization championing technology for the common good. We focus on user security and the responsible use of technology. Briind is our first publicly released product.


Additional contact information:

Dr. Earl Eiland, CEO


Michael Igbo, CFO


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