Join us for #BUILT4YOU with Briind this Saturday

How can community help you achieve your life goals?

Join us this Saturday, November 5th, as we explore how you can leverage your community and social connections to achieve the life of purpose you want.

Briind is a platform for building and finding community and is targeted to help you find and thrive in communities to help further your growth.

For young adults- in college and just starting their careers- finding purpose and their path in life can be an area of concern and focus.

With #BUILT4YOU we will share how it is possible to pull from those in your community as you look to answer these questions and build a life path. The event will be interactive - featuring speakers, games and giveaways.

Register here to attend #BUILT4YOU in San Antonio.  We will be on the campus of University of Texas, San Antonio and the event is expected to go from 1 PM - 3 PM. Supporting organizations are UTSA’s Student of Valor and San Antonio based young adult group, Vessels of Honor.

We are encouraging all to participate in our pre-event engagement. Record a video answering the question “Who is YOUR community?”  Post the video and tag us (on Instagram @brindshare or Twitter (@briindsocials ) including the hashtag #BUILT4YOU. We will select the best post to win a free Visa gift card.

Additionally, the first 30 people through the doors on the day of the event will receive free Briind t-shirts.

Join us for an afternoon of engaging conversation, fun, giveaways…and of course, lunch is on us. Register here.


Briind is an app and website that helps organizations connect with their community more meaningfully, simplify their business processes, and provide their leaders with insight to create sustainable impact in their communities.

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