Meet Briind at AM 630 The Word’s Pastors Appreciation Luncheon (PAL 2022)

NowGenn will be unveiling, Briind, its platform for member based organizations, at AM 630 of San Antonio Pastors Appreciation Luncheon Event on September 15 and is inviting all churches and organizations with members that want to better connect with their community to try the platform.

NowGenn is a San Antonio based company building future-looking technologies that are people friendly and purpose driven. The company creates products that are more intuitive, healthier and safer to use than other platforms in the market.

The company’s current product under development is called Briind. It is a platform that combines social network and workplace productivity solutions to allow individuals and organizations to engage with their communities and connect fruitfully both online and offline.

The company will be unveiling Briind at the Pastors appreciation luncheon event being held by AM 630 The Word at the Granberry Hills Event Center in San Antonio, Texas.

The event is being held to honor those in the San Antonio community who have chosen a life of service- either as ministers of the word or as first responders. This is in line with NowGenn and Briind’s aim to build platforms and products that allow people to live purposefully. It is because of this that the company chose the event as the ideal place to unveil the platform.

Keynote speaker at the event will be Pastor Allen Jackson from World Outreach Church of Nashville, TN. The event is free for all pastors and chaplains to attend.

"We are excited about our product and we hope that people will come out and see how powerful it is," said NowGenn CEO Michael Igbo. "Our team has worked hard to make sure that every feature is user friendly so that anyone can use our app without any issues."

Briind will be available for use and download from the day of the PAL luncheon. Attendees can try it real time. Others can visit our site,, to get access.

What makes Briind most exciting is that it is a one-stop shop for churches and organizations with members to manage their business affairs and handle their social networking. It has both social networking and business management tools.  At launch on Thursday, Briind will have the following features: member management, donation creation and management, volunteer management, group chat feature, personal and business profile builder and audience analytics.

The goal is that by combining these various applications onto one platform, Briind will be a simpler, more efficient, and less costly alternative for organizations with members and a community, such as churches.

Briind will be available via the platform website at; the android app can be downloaded via the Google Play store from September 15th, 2022.  The iOS app will be made available later in the year.

NowGenn invites church communities and all organizations with members to try Briind.

For churches we invite you to discover how Briind allows you to efficiently grow your congregation, nurture a community, and manage your church’s activities.

For other member based organizations, discover how Briind is an effective way to connect with your members, execute business functions and collaborate with your team than current platforms available.


Learn more about Briind and sign up to get access as we launch at

Learn more about the parent company and our values based and people first approach at

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